Jan 04 2013
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PSASBR My idea for a character and mash up

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I really wished that someway the 2 popular on rail shooters could be implemented in this game,
House of the dead and time crises would be a great mash up for all stars battle royale, time crises has always been a playstation exclusive and pairing it up with HOTD would be great as a mash up,

I would think the mash up would be something like VSSE agents working with AMS agents taking down a boss from either game, preferably the big zombie cop with the giant club since its an easy stage hazard, it could also blink danger when the hazard is incoming like the danger symbols in time crises,

I would like to see time crises involved in any way possible but as a character it would be awesome, for time crises the mascot I believe would be wild dog, he is just an awesome character and would make a good villain playable character since there isn't many, his attacks would be his assortment of weapons but he does do hand to hand combat I believe in TC3, it would have to be wild dog from TC3 since he has different arm weapons, he could implement the enemies within TC with yellow, grenade and flamethrower guys similar to fat princess and spike with their minions,

supers could be as follows,
Level 1: single red bullet which kills (any red bullet was a life lost in TC)
Level 2: could be similar to heiachi spawning wild thang (TC3 boss) instead of Kuma
Level 3: either a screen clear or a time limit thing, screen clear could be everyone over wild dog and him just saying "beaten by a couple of young punks" then explodes since that's his trademark death but never dies on any TC game after the explosion,
It could be a time limit thing where a reticle comes on the screen similar to ratchet or radec level 3 , wild dog leaves the area and it becomes like TC with you shooting the people for the kills and changing guns like shotgun or grenade

This is just an idea which would be awesome if these concepts would be placed in the game, if people don't like it then tear it up and start from scratch, I'm open to opinions and variety, anyway to get time crises in would be great Smiley Happy
Thanks for reading
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