Sep 19 2012
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PSABR First Impressions

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Very pleased with the game from my first playthrough of all the characters. I only tried each character once, but so far Fat Princess was my favorite. The controls are fun and I only noticed a few glitches. When cycling through the characters on the character select screen, I found that if you go to the bottom row of characters and keep pressing left the name of the character kind of glitches and shows the name next to the character's square. Another thing I noticed is that Radec is pretty cheap sometimes. I was playing as Parappa and Radec kept using his lazer sight gun move on me. I would be up in the air when Radec was shooting, him missing me every time, and the shots still regestered, sending me ricocheting me off the wall. The song that plays as the game loads is pretty annoying too. Definatly will get tedious after the countless hours of playing the game. Overall though, the game looks great. I just want the full roster to play with.

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