Dec 28 2012
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Online Rank Wish List

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With love for PSASBR growing, I feel it's time for fans to petitioning for a better online experience. With that said, here's my wishlist for the upcoming update.

1) Please adjust the win/loss BP system. See here for BP system -->
I'd like to see the loss be -5 ONLY, this includes 2v2 (currently it multiplies by 2 because you're vs 2 players). Everything else about the BP is solid and I love it.

2) If a player drops a match (purposefully or not) they should be punished by a slight dock in BP.
Seems harsh but I've experienced matches where players "rage quit" so they don't lose their BP. I also believe this issue could be fixed by allowing 30 seconds to pass after a player quits - that will allow ample time to win the match and continue to the lobby screen, I believe.

3) Please fix the belt placement on the match screen.
I don't know how many matches I've played where my belt record shows up on my vs team's name. Not a big issue, just slightly annoying.

4) Random character swaps must stop.
This usually happens after an extended party search. I select Evil Cole, but when the match starts, I'm forced to play as Spike or Kratos or Taro... not cool when you expect to play as your main.

5) After a match, continue to the lobby with a teammate in 2v2
I'm tired of re-sending an invite to my teammate because it won't continue through to the lobby screen. I believe this is an issue with PS3 and Vita Cross-Play, but it would still be a nice fix.

And this one's a big one for me...
6) Could you please PLEASE make the Rank match stocked and timed... possibly with no items?
Mainly because this is exactly how they will set up the matches on MLG, Fraggnation and other various League Tournament brackets. NO ONE enjoyed trip in SSB Brawl just like no one enjoys items in PSASBR.

*These are simply my personal wish list, feel free to add or criticize as you please. That's what this thread is here for, so speak and be heard.

Thanks. ParadoxRyk out.
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