Dec 05 2012
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Online Pass on PSN

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I've been upset about the Online Pass not being available for purchase on the PSN for the title's launch, because I really wanted to play online and was willing to spend the $9.99 to do so, even though I was just renting the game.


So, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the store had finally been updated and that the online pass is now available. I sign in to go purchase it and what do I see? Yes, its on there, however its not available for purchase.  It just has overview as an option, instead of Overview and the "Add To Cart 9.99" option. I checked other games that have online passes and they have the option.

Sony, why are you trolling? two weeks to put up the pass and then when you do update the store, its not actually there for purchase.  come on!

sidebar: i rented the game. yes, but I was willing to spend $10 to try the online features which is the entire premise of the online pass concept, for developers and companies to recoup some money from used game and rental sales. however, you can't recoup money if you don't make the product available for sale!

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Re: Online Pass on PSN

Dec 5, 2012

They're punishing the people who don't buy the game new lulz

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