Dec 01 2012
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One Of The Best Things About This Game

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Is the character variety. There's so much room to really explore them.<br>I came into this game as a potential Sly main due to the beta but decided I'd go with Dante.<br><br>I still love how cool Dante is to use an how rewarding it feels to use Devil Trigger and kick **bleep**.<br><br>Then I started using Good Cole due to his Kessler costume. I loved how he could freeze people and be up in your face or have some distance and how evasive he could be.<br><br>Now I'm using Nathan Drake and he is just awesome. He might be my new main. It bums me out that people abuse his cover-to-run and gun combo but whatever. I don't. I use his barrel, run and gun to hit, his tranquilizer, zip line, etc. I think the only move he has I barely use is his normal grenade and his cover.<br><br>This game is amazing
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