Nov 10 2012
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Now the Super system makes more sense... (Polygon Man theory)

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Copypasta from my other thread in the PAStadium...


Back in the 90's, there was an Ad campaign of a new vide game system. In the US it was about to be released with a mascot: Polygon Man. A man made of polygons that only talked about how powerful he was.

Now as far as we know, he never made it to the release because of his father: Kutaragi. He shoot him and never recognized him as a son. So he is back, but what does he want? Revenge? Some recognition? Power?


I made this conclusion just now. The little we know (and the some info that Omar shared) about his ad campaign was he talking about power, illusions and he being superior in every aspect of the market. Kutaragi dispatched him and now he is the boss in the game, where finally he got some recognition, so maybe he don't want recognition... he gathered (most probably) all the characters in the game to execute his revenge... He made them rivals for whatever reason to kill each other.


But how do every character gets killed in the game? The answer is with Power. The super meter is the power you earn to kill someone, so this can be most likely used for Polygon Man, because he was the self-proclaimed "life force" of the console, without him, the PlayStation brand will be nothing, but just how powerful is he? We will be knowing that in the upcoming days.


So basically I came up with this: Polygon Man = Power = Kill someone in the game


For now, our favorite characters will be playing the part of the piñata, while this master mind prepares to make his move.




Leave your comments or thoughts about my theory. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Now the Super system makes more sense...

Nov 10, 2012
the God thing is why polygon man got cancelled
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Re: Now the Super system makes more sense... (Polygon Man theory)

Nov 10, 2012
I can't wait to hear what PGM sounds like
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