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Re: Noob favor?

Sep 3, 2012

ItsLuigiTime wrote:

DBoi787 wrote:

ItsLuigiTime wrote:

I learned this technique from another fellow forum member.


First, go to the main page.  If you're using Firefox, go to Tools > Page Info and look under the Media tab.  Scroll through the pictures from the page and find the one with all the characters.  Finally, click Save As.  You'll need to do some cropping, as it's bigger than it appears on the site.


How do I know this?  I did the same thing and it's also my background!  Smiley Tongue

Thanks, man. Much appreciated. Got Chrome. Gonna download Firefox just to get this. xD. 

No prob!  Actually, though, I'll make it easier for you and everyone else and post the actual link to the image:


And yes, Slayer, it sure has.  Thanks again.  Smiley Happy

Np man and I'm glad it's been useful.


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