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Re: No Noobs Allowed In Here

Dec 21, 2012

acursedone wrote:

Asis_aka_Talent wrote:

OK so i was thinking I have fought over 100 people from this forum if you guys want to learn your characters better tell me what character and i will tell you the best person i know that uses them so you can get that 1v1 pratice and see how these characters are suppose to work... Also for those new to this thread there is alot of info here so read through and ask away im here to help everyone improve

Know any good ratchet players?

Dabuz's Ratchet is pretty ridiculous. Asis has a pretty good one as well from what I remember.




FredFai wrote:
I have came for your wisdom once again.

What is your personal opinion on nerfed Sackboy? How would you use him now?

I do combos with him, but there is a hitbox problem with small certain characters. I also tend to spam cake and electric pad for traps. He seems somewhat low-tier character now.

I don't know... I faced a really good one the other day and he still works. You just have to be really evasive and annoying, as well as do combos every time someone hits a trap. Also, learn to combo his supers, and keep in mind you're a small character too; other people have issues hitting you as well! I can't say he's amazing now, and TBH he feels decidedly mid tier to me now, but he's still viable.





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