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Newcomer's Guide to the PSASBR Forum

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Hello newcomers and welcome to Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale!


To make it easier for newcomers to make a transition into the Playstation All Stars forum, this thread will serve as a guide in order to help people get familiar with our community.


Remember, the Playstation All Stars forum is a part of the Playstation forums. All users must follow the Rules of Conduct for the forums.


I will be updating this thread when necessary. If anyone would like to add anything, reply on this thread.



Title Fight! - Our longest and possibly the most well known tournament in the community, Title Fight! is a large monthly tournament that’s hosted by Playstation MVP Johngie.



Weekend Weeklies! - A weekly tournament hosted by myself, WW is a one-day tournament that offers competition to anyone each week. This event is closed until future notice.


PSASBR The Runback - Offline weekly tournaments hosted by SSM and Level Up! Seasons 3 to 4 will happen from 9/25/2014 to 12/18/2014.


Other tournaments are made by other members of the community. You are also welcomed to start tournaments yourself. For updates on new tournaments, stay tuned!

Fight Club (FC):


Fight Clubs are online streamed events that allow you to face others, watch others fight, and communicate with fellow users via Twitch. The Fight Club Directory below features the current Fight Clubs:



Other fight clubs and streams are announced from time to time and threads are usually made whenever a streaming occurs. For more information on streams, keep an eye out for threads and stay tuned!



The community in Playstation All Stars is not only active via discussions, but also in the actual game (obviously). Below will highlight some information to know others better within the community and to prepare you for the battlefield:



Opponent/Partner List - With so many users being active, it would be difficult to know who plays what. The Opponent/Partner List features a majority of the active community members and what modes they prefer.



Community Mains - Each member of the community uses a certain character as their main character. This thread highlights which characters users use as their main.



Training Dojo - The Training Dojo features mentors to help teach newcomers the art of battle and how to use each character. Feel free to contact users if you need help learning a certain character.



Community discussions occur often and users often ask if anyone would like to have a match. Don’t be shy and join in! For more, keep an eye out and stay tuned!

Useful Terms:


Discussions in Playstation All Stars may be difficult for anyone new as certain terms are used to discuss in the game. Here are some common terms used and their definitions:


Kill Confirm (KC) - A combo or move that leave an opponent vulnerable and ends with a kill.


Empty Cancel (EC) - A special, unintentional move by Dante that greatly helps his combat.


Overpowered (OP) - An expression describing how one character is stronger than all of the other characters.


Stage Strike - A method of deciding a stage in tournaments. Refer to the rules in tournaments to learn this.


Sets- Consecutive matches.


Matchup (MU)  - Determines how one character does against another, often described with additional relevant information. (suggested by @version15 )


Whiff: When an attack, super, or grab misses the intented opponent and you are in punishable range.

Punish: When you take advantage of an opponent when they make errors or mistakes that you can captialize on.

Safe: A move that cannot be punished if blocked, usually because of short recovery time.

Zoning: To keep your opponent in a certain area of the stage to where you have a tactical advantage.

Parrying: A move that counters the opponent when they use a basic attack.

Armor/Super Armor: A move that can take a certian amount of hits before it can be stopped. 

Spamming: To repeatedly do a move, usually a "safe" attack that cannot be countered easily.

Poke: A quick and often safe attack that's difficult to counter.
Wake up: To be on the ground and have the option to dodge roll or stand up and grab, jump, attack, block, parry, or do super.

Okizeme (Oki): To take advantage of the options an opponent has on wake up. 

Set Up: A move or combo that leaves the opponent in a tough place to dodge a super. (A set up does not guarantee a kill, but has high chances to when done correctly.)


(credit to @Savage_Killa313 for the words from whiff to set up)


More PSASBR Terms and Definitions (credit to @PointlessNewb for the link)


Button Input Symbols for character combos in discussions and guides:


1= Square


2= Triangle


3= Circle


a= Air


n= Neutral 


f= Forward


d= Down


s= Side


(credit to @Paton36457  for providing these)


More will be added later on; any user can add some to the list. For more, stay tuned!



Character Guides:


Learning a character isn't easy. If a mentor or the tutorials in the game are not helpful enough, the community itself has character guides created. Here are the following guides to these characters:


Sir Dan




(Credit to @ps_chap  for sharing these)





 (credit to @IconSeanX15 for this)


Used properly, these guides can be very helpful. For more updates on guides, stay tuned!


Playstation All Stars has changed a lot ever since it was released in 2012 and its community has changed along with it. Everyone is welcomed to be a part of the Playstation All Stars community and to join along for whatever changes that lies ahead. Welcome newcomers!

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Re: Newcomer's Guide to the PSASBR Forum

Sep 2, 2014
I gotta say, huge props for preparing all this for anyone new who comes around
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Re: Newcomer's Guide to the PSASBR Forum

Sep 2, 2014
get this stickied


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Re: Newcomer's Guide to the PSASBR Forum

Sep 2, 2014

Add more terms, but this seems very good. Include OP (Original Poster).

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Re: Newcomer's Guide to the PSASBR Forum

Sep 2, 2014
cool beans Ossie
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Re: Newcomer's Guide to the PSASBR Forum

Sep 2, 2014

Ossie you do too much for this community, we dont deserve your kindnessSmiley LOL

When Spike says those 3 words of death, its already too late....

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Re: Newcomer's Guide to the PSASBR Forum

Sep 2, 2014

Well done good sir.

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Re: Newcomer's Guide to the PSASBR Forum

Sep 3, 2014
Please explain to the newbies what lag confirms are.
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Re: Newcomer's Guide to the PSASBR Forum

Sep 3, 2014

ItWhiffed wrote:
Please explain to the newbies what lag confirms are.

If you guys would like more terms up here, feel free to say which ones and their rightful definitions. I'll give you credit for any terms with teir definitions.

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Re: Newcomer's Guide to the PSASBR Forum

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Sep 3, 2014

So Good. So Helpful. Maybe too helpful...Maybe its Mabelline :X

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