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Re: New Dante Fans.

Nov 17, 2012

ScreamKing you have been pretty salty about this game from the beginning. You are entitled to you opinion and I also respect your opinion...but Dante has had no character development at all throughout any of the games.....He's just the "Cool Kid" hiding issues that no one cares about they just want to see him kick butt.....that gets stale after a while. Different interpretations of a character is what makes things fresh...thats why comic books have lasted so long and will continue on.....I personally loved the very first DmC trailer back in 2010 because it was a unique and interesting take of showed him physically vulnerable and it brought up the question "does he not have powers yet" or "who was strong enough to beat him like that". The smoking didn't bother me because "cool kids tend to smoke lol" and overall if you don't care about the world, people, or your own personal well being you tend to self-indulge into things that are bad for you (smoking, sex, drinking, etc) which ninja theory all address in the story....


I'm just saying just wait until the game comes out before you go so hard on the game....but I do agree with you on the back and forward cursing in that boss battle it was stupid and gameplay wise i haven't played it yet....i'll just check out the demo on tuesday

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