Mar 15 2013
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Nariko Level 1 Kill Confirm Combo

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So I was experimenting with Nariko on practice match since I really want a KC for her and then I had a great idea for a KC combo I then test it out (I even changed the stand option of the opponent into CPU) and it work and now I will tell it to you guys.


This KC combo only works on opponents near walls so if you're playing in sandover village or dojo (once the walls are gone) then you'll have a big problem. Anyways the combo is:


down triangle----> circle (until the end of it which will cause him/her to be stunned)------> R2 (level 1)


This KC combo works but sometimes some opponents can dodge that if not done quickly enough or they time their dodge right.


Hope this helps Smiley Happy

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Re: Nariko Level 1 Kill Confirm Combo

Mar 15, 2013
It's nice to see a Nariko thread without people complaining about her. Sadly, that isn't a KC that's a reset. A kill confirm, like Nariko's air disc throw, isn't dodgeable.You may catch scrubs here and there but this won't work on good opponents because:
a) In a corner there's only one way to dodge
b) It's very situational
c)The startup on the explosion gives the opponent too much time to think of how they'll dodge.
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