Oct 22 2012
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My theory on The Aftermath...

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After watching it, you can see Slys cane, and Sweet Tooth left behind his Machete and some Ice Cream. In the other videos, we saw Nariko's Heavenly Sword,  Drake, a letter to Captain Quark, and a Jak and Daxter reference from the precursor language License Plate. This is more than likely related to PSASBR. What it looks like to me, is that in the room at the end of The Aftermath, there was a fight. A fight involving Sweet Tooth and someone else... There had to have been a fight, just look at all those bullets on the ground. 


It seems like all of these All Stars are meeting up in a fight club like area, or maybe its a prison, considering the dreary look of the building and the woman's ring of keys...


I think this is going to explain why everyone is fighting. Maybe even who the boss is. I don't think its a character reveal, but I really hope I am wrong. Anyway... thats it. Not much of a theory, more of an analysis... 


Thanks for your time, and I'm sorry if someone already said these things.

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Re: My theory on The Aftermath...

Oct 22, 2012
I know what your saying and i can't help but feel like I'm missing something...not something like a character hint but like you said.
the 3 vids have you looking for all those character clues but maybe that's to pull the attention away from whats in plain sight....still no idea.........
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