Sep 28 2012
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My story for playstation all stars battle royale

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Kratos walks in the room: Who is this lightning guy

Cole stands up: Ummm... Me?

kratos runs up and punches him in the face: Son of zeus i will destroy you!

Cole then sommons a tornado

Kratos sommons a counter tornado but in the blindness of the storm cole uses his ice powers and uses a move similar to his lv.2 super.

Cole: Some god, i wonder how he makes the middle of the cove...

Boom, Kratos strikes him with the fist of hercules but then sackboy smiles and copys kratos look

Sackboy: (:

Kratos: **bleep**

kratos gets his sword and stabs sackboy but then sackboy comes out of a little portal thing and picks kratos up with the grabbinator and throws him at Nariko (pause Nariko and Kratos stare at each other) but then Nariko beats the heck out of Kratos with Godess mode while Sackboy builds a Giant Monster and attacks them both with it

Cole/Bad separates from good cole and attacks sackboy from behind and shocks him
, mean while, while good cole was down sly cooper comes and takes his purple jewel and runs but bumps into big daddy...


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Re: My story for playstation all stars battle royale

Sep 28, 2012

Like the idea of kratos assuming cole is somehow related to zeus and trying to kill hime because of it.

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Re: My story for playstation all stars battle royale

Sep 28, 2012
thank you, i was trying to find a way for them to fight. to me that would be a cool rivalry
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