Dec 18 2012
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My Stage Concepts

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Socom 4's Departure Map: medium stage start the stage off with subway trains crashing invert the steps to face the other way and you have a flat bottom playing field with two trains on each side you can stand on and jump to the top platform half way through dust would fall from the ceiling and the King Of The Cosmos (Katamari) would tear it off and vomit rainbows (or something odd) that would block off a side of the map and would make players fly (damage wise).


journey of Colossus.jpg

A large desert from Journey you would see the protagonist move from one side of the screen and work their way across and into the background where a Colossus (Shadow of the Colossus) would smash pillars as the protagonist glides forward and would alter the map from a large flat playing field. 


Last of us Valkyria.jpg

The Last of Us Stage: starts off as a small stage that looks like you can walk up into the background. With turned over buses and vacant cars as platforms, until Welkin (Valkyria Chronicles) bust through a building in the background. And shoots his tank's cannon widening the playing field would also shoot a smoke bomb and character's would only see shadows of them self's in the smoke while fighting for a short period of time.

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Re: My Stage Concepts

Dec 19, 2012

Thank You BDurk15

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