Oct 25 2012
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My L.A. Beatdown Experience

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So I know this topic has been beat to death already about topics of people talking to Omar, Chan, Seth, etc. But I want to give people who didnt go a different look at what went on. Some of the things that I noticed walking around and observing the community playing the game. And here are some things that I noticed.


The most used characters there were Raiden and Spike, I'm not joking it was like a hunt walking around that place if you wanted to watch a game that didn't have at least one or both of those characters. And most of the time those Spike and Raiden users were the winners (I smell top tier lol)

Runners up of most used were: Nariko, Dante, Big Daddy, Kratos (mostly being used in his Deimos costume)


Probably the least used characters of the night were: Sir Daniel, Fat Princess, and Toro


Now its pretty obvious most people wanted to choose the new stages to play on, that being Black Rock Stadium, Columbia and Invasion. But after the first hour or two, most people were just hitting random to select. So I suspect that will happen a lot online.


Also all the matches were FFA with a 3 minute clock. But this being the full version of the game, you were able to go change the settings to like stock, kill limit and others, but Superbot employees were mostly around every station and told you to go back to 3 minute FFA lol. 


On an occasion the station hooked up to the projector giving the viewing audience a giant 25 foot screen to watch was playing Kill Limit and 2v2 Kill Limit. I personally didnt get to play at that station because everyone wanted to play at that one, especially after everyone heard that the game developers were there and if you beat them you got a Superbot Ent. shirt.


At the end of the night they had Omar, Clockwork, and I believe 2 other game designers/developers go on a 2v2 Kill limit match. And then the winning team had to fight each other. The winning team was Clockwork and one lead designer with Raiden and Nariko respectivly. So the last game was a first to 3 kills between Raiden and Nariko on Dojo. I actually took video of both matches if you want me to post them I can. (Kind of wierd quality because I was sitting to the right of the giant projected screen)


And just one weird sidenote, Matt Bennett was also there, if you dont know him, he plays Robbie on that Nickelodeon show Victorious. I found that extremely random. And later that night I fought against him and his gf in a game on Columbia lol


As for my fighting experience personally, I played a little over 15 games (not that many, but oh well, I didnt like standing in the lines haha)

I won over half of them with Sweet Tooth (my favorite was one game on Stowaways, I won in overtime at the last second getting 3 kills with his LV 1 Smiley Tongue ), I think I only lost twice when using Sweet Tooth, because of the really good Spike and Raiden users. Every other time I lost I was using another character like Cole, Big Daddy, Sir Dan and Ratchet.

I actually won a match my first time playing as Nariko, but the guys there were total newcomers and were just learning the game that night, so its not a proud achievement lol.


To give a quick rundown of using characters I never used before

Cole - Not like how I thought he would be. His run is awkward because he slides on the platforms, so that messed me up a lot, I was planning to attack and I was still sliding, so I couldnt do much. Definetly needs practice to use him.

Big Daddy - I want to be good with this guy, but **bleep** is it going to be a challenge, note to self never use Big Daddy on stages that are big vertically with platforms like Black Rock or Sandover, you wont do well, stick to Dojo lol

Sir Dan - Very versitile with an array of different attacks, once again, only will be good on certain stages, the one time I used him I was on the Loco Roco stages and he cant do much there, too much jumping around and falling, his best moves are to be done in flatter areas.

Ratchet - my favorite of the guys I never tried. All his weapons come in handy in almost any situation, the only odd ball one is the one that makes electric fences, doubt I will use that one much, but I'm sure people can make great combos out of it. I love the addition of the Plasma Whip and Blitz Cannon both being used in a up diagnol motion.

Nariko - Very combo heavy with Squares and Triangles, all her Circle attacks are awkward and slow, only good if the other 3 are in a group fighting and you just want to break it up with an explosion or even better with her LV 1 lol


Quick mention of some items I noticed.

Sackbot - Im not to sure what this item does, it seems after you activate him he walks around the stage and if he jumps onto someone it slows them down while they try to throw him off. I actually heard from a Superbot employee that I was next to that it was his idea to turn Sackbot into an item when he originally was going to be a minion.

Name Unknown - I dont know what the item is called but I picked it up a lot, was this AP meter draining item, it really does drain all the AP the closest enemy to you has until its gone and you have it all. Its real good lol

Murder of Crows - Makes the opponents controls be switched around, Left is Right and Right is left, not too sure about the attacks though, I was only hit once and it didnt last long.

Freeze Missile - Annoying little bugger that can hit multiple enemies

There was another item that slowed down the movement of enemy character, still not sure if that was an item or a characters attack, but it was annoying whenever it happened.

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Re: My L.A. Beatdown Experience

Oct 25, 2012
Big Daddys perks come from, I believe, his ability to not be knocked out of certain attacks. He will still take damage (or you will gain AP) but you won't knock him out of his attack.

And heavy use of Raiden and Spike? Really? Felt like EVERYONE was spamming Kratos. It got annoying pretty quickly.
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Re: My L.A. Beatdown Experience

Oct 25, 2012

There was some punch, a ladder and someone dressed as a clown.  Oh wait, I have no idea what happened specifically because I wasn't there because I was too busy. Woman Sad

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