Oct 24 2012
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My Beta Impressions

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So after months of trying to get into a beta we all finally have the chance to play Playstation All Stars. A game I have been waiting for years to be created and despite the absence of a few major characters, one that looks to be great. Here's my impressions from playing the beta for a good 6-8 hours.


The Good:

Let me start and say that the game plays great, everything is responsive and its neither clunky nor hard to dive in too. The characters definitely feel more weighted then Smash which is a plus for me due to most of the Smash roster feeling too floaty. All six characters were a blast to play as after figuring out their movesets which were suprisingly deep and a lot of fun to mess around with and experiment with different combos. I was able to win matches with every character and so far Parappa and Fat Princess are my two best characters, the balancing is great despite a few minor problems (more on that later). The graphics blew me away compared to videos I had seen of the game and both Metropolis and Hades looked gorgeous. The levels themselves were great all around from music, to hazards, to how they evolved as the matches progressed. Metropolis did get a little congested when all platforms are out and raised and the hazards are out but it made for some really fun matches. The online aspect is looking to be great and is very smooth. Over my 6-8 hours of playing I had maybe 3 errors at the end of matches (also more on the bad later). Lag was minimal which surprised me a lot. The most I waited to get into a game was maybe 1 minute at the most which was awesome compared to other betas and games I've plaued. Playing 2 vs.2 with my buddies was also a blast. My overall impression was extremely positive and after I made myself put the controller down (this game is really addicting), I pre-ordered it right away


The Bad: 

Although the beta blew me away there was some small problems I had with balancing and the online. Kratos seems to gain AP at an extremely fast rate. I was able to pull off 3 level 3 supers in a single match which should not have been possible in 3 minutes. Also Colonel Radec's level 3 super seems pretty much unavoidable and guarantees 6 kills unless you are Sly and turn invisible, I suggest turning his gun from automatic to single shot so the Radec must be more accurate and allow the other players to maybe avoid his gun. Sweet Tooth's Super's also seem slightly underpowered and his AP gain a slight bit too slow. Improving his Level 2's speed and blast radius could fix this as well as slightly improving his AP gaims. I've only seen Sweet Tooth win one 1vs1vs1vs1 match over all my time as playing. As far as online goes, when a player quits, there characters stays immobile until they are killed which allows other players to boost their AP on the immobile punching bag. The character should just leave immediatly so unfair AP boosting and a easy kill can be fixed. Other than that the online plays great.


Smash Bro's Comparison 

From a longtime pro Super Smash Bro's player (I've played in many tournaments and rank pretty high), I personally enjoyed my time with PSAS, Many of my complaints with Smash Bro's such as floaty characters, clones, kill stealing and stupid deaths, overpowered items, mediocre online, limited combos are gone in Playstation All-Stars. I highly suggest pre-ordering this game or at least trying the beta. I'm leaving the forum until the game comes out so I hope you guys all enjoy the next month. See ya then. 

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