Dec 16 2012
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Multiplayer improvements

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Playstation Allstars has been out for a while and there is most likely going to be a sequel. Obviously the single player needs the most impovements but there are a few multiplayer tweaks that would be good.

-1v1 ranked. They will most likely patch it into PSASBR but it should have been avalible at lanch

-Lobbies. For between 8-20 people, these make community night streams much easier and are a staple of fighting games.

-More instruction. The belt system should be explained in game, also a tutorial for online/custom matchea because some reviewers didn't even know you had the option to see the score

-Host Migration. Frankly I don't know if this is possible but if it is it should be in the next game.

-Theater mode/youtube upload. In Uncharted 3 you could upload matches to youtube from the game w/out a pvr. That should be in every game.

-More online trophies.The trophies in this game aren't hard they are just tedious, add some more online trophies!

-Call it Playstation All-Stars:Title Fight. This has nothing to do with multiplayer but who cares

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Re: Multiplayer improvements

Dec 16, 2012

Everything you named is good except for the theater thing, I thought nobody would bother with something as stupid as that. Won't it make more lag if they add such thing?

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