Nov 20 2012
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Mixed feelings

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now that the game is out I'm having mixed feelings about it.

At first when I heard of it, I thought it would be a failed ripoff of SSB. When I checked videos and interviews etc. I really started to love it and couldn't wait for today.

But now that it's out and I'm reading all the reviews, my enthusiasm is less.. The reviews have some valid points, especially the Super system and that you don't do damage..  What I liked about SSB are the comebacks when it looks like you're flying to your death.. or playing carefully and countering when your healthpercentage is high. 


In Allstars you can just smash buttons and only be careful when the enemy has their AP full, dodge that and do your super,, just taking turns... Takes away some of the exciting things that SSB has..


I still didn't buy cause of that, afraid of disappointment...  Think I'm gonna wait for the demo, no idea when that is though..


Anyone here who was a bit guarded but got surprised in a good way by playing it??


(ps: where did they find that designer?? The menus look so ugly, games from 15 years ago looked better.. for such a 'big' game, the presentation sure is bad)

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