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Max from Dark Cloud 2 moveset.

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Max (or Maximillian) is the main character from the second entry from the Dark Cloud series: Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle oustide the US).

He's an inventor from Palm Brinks, he's from a healty and rich family, however he doesn't like that boring lifestyle that much, he prefers adventures...!

Max is a versatile fighter, he can wield Wrenches,Hammers and Spheda Clubs (Golf clubs) in his right hand and Guns in his left hand, however....he's not limited to that!

He can use diferent items like bombs,stones,cameras,fishing rods...hell, he can even manipulate the envoirment with the Carpentirion!



       Square Moves:


  • Tornado Spin - Down Sqaure - Max charges the attack during 2-3 seconds and then uneslash a rapid spin with his wrench: The animation is the same.
  • Wrench Arc - Up Square - Max swings his wrench forming an arc over him: The attack doesn't exist in the source game.
  • Dash Attack - Side Square - Max jumps and attacks to the closest opponent : The animation is identical as the source game,
  • Wrench Combo - Neutral Square - Max swings his wrench with a 3 basic combo with his wrench: The animation is identical as the source game.

      Triangle Moves:


  • Trumpet Gun - Neutral Triangle - Max shoots with his Trumpet Gun, a normal shoot nothig special: The animation is idential as the source game.
  • Star Breaker - Side Triangle - Max uses this manchine gun and shots multiple times in a rapid succession: The animation is identicas as the source.
  • Supernova - Up Triangle - Max uses the Supernova, a laser gun and shoots upwards him: The animation is identical as the source.
  • Grenade Launcher - Down Triangle - Max uses the grenade launcher. The animation is identical as the source game.Circle Moves:
  • Quick Photo - Neutral Circle - Max shoots a photo with his camera and stuns enemies, a photo with the character's name will apparear at the bottom.
  • Spheda Time! - Side Circle - A spheda ball apparears in front of max, Max uses his club and shoots the speda ball to hit enemies, the ball will explode when it hits anything solid, damaging enemies.
  • Random Item - Up circle - Max will throw one of the following items: A bomb Nut, Iferno Gem,Blizzard Gem,Lighting Gem or a Throbbing Cherry (It will paralyze enemies by 4 seconds.)
  • Time Portal - Down Cicle - Max will spawn a time portal, witch he can teleport to for 10 seconds.




  Level 1 - No idea..

  Level 2 - Monica your turn! - Max is Switched by Monica, you can control monica until the super finishes (Similar to Ratchet's)

  Level 3 - Ridepod - Max rides his ridepod, where he can attack freely until the super finishes,


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