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Max And Monica, character build up, (Dark cloud 2) 100% developer ready. took me 5 hours to do this.

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Hello New Member here, I have been lurking around these forums for about a month, but anyways. I'm here to give a move set to my favorite game of all time.



Smiley Surprised: circle

:^: triangle

Smiley Frustrated: square


Max and Monica, thats right, TOGETHER, IN GAME!






So Ive been playing this game over, and over, and over, almost every 5 months to a year since the past 10 years. I think this game deserves ALOOOOOOOOOT of rep, its absolutely THE BEST SOUNDTRACK IN EXSISTANCE, i think it can match up to the star wars soundtrack, its that GOOD! now i love Square-soft's games; final fantasy, kingdom hearts, etc. But this game is the best rpg I have ever played. I am not sure if you have played this game, its VERY rare Online to find, game stop even sells them used to around 30 bucks, brand new is still 50!


So to get down to the Nitty gritty.


Max and Monica's game play style is a little bit creative, They will fight like they do in game, meaning able to switch out in battle, and do all their moves.

(sorry to use a smash bros reference, kind of like how Sheik and Zelda switch. it will show over max or Monica((depending on who your using at the moment)).The letters, "Character>>")

and it wont freeze like it does in game,but will change the characters.

Each super will have the same animation but will be different; setting up levels first. (you will be able to be hit while switching, so you would need to find cover.)



(if max is out in the battle)


level 1. he calls out Steve and Cedric is on his back. (Steve is Max's ride-pod, you use it against heavy enemies in-game.)Cid will jump in front of max and do a three hit combo and the disappear,(IE,Spikes red radar monkeys three hit combo is extremely what this is.), now every time you use Steve, he will always have something new added on him, (in-game you equip either dual rocket blasters, to two heavy cannon ball arms, to swords, etc. and also his feet could be changed to a floating device, to a motorcycle, to regular feet, etc.) it will always change.


(costs 215 AP)








Level 2. The black stone rail road! "Go black stone railroad!", max will call for the train, now this would seem unfair to the players, a fast train ramming into them on a flat surface level. But the effect of it is that it will come at a random time. So when max calls for the rail road, it will either instantly go and ram through the stage or it will wait and come at a random time, meaning its a risk, max could be waiting till the train comes. now, if max were to use this on a ledge(IE. Columbia, top right corner.) the train WILL fall down to the ground and the use its time travel function as it disappears through the ground.(feeding through till it would "depart" or leave) the radius of the beam of time travel can hit the players in direct contact or around them.


the train

(Costs 414 AP)



level 3. Griffon! "You dare challenge me?!" Max walks up to Griffon on his throne, Griffon wakes up and sees max, he thus dashes towards him, pulls his wings off his back and "kills him" displaying the game over screen, but as he does so, he sees the other players staring at him, then he says, "You will all die!" and thus goes with the sequence of controlling him, he will have only three moves, two mobility, one attack.  Smiley Frustrated: will be the attack, while  :^: will make griffon's wings sprout again and able to dash forward,(like Dante's side  Smiley Surprised: ), and  Smiley Surprised: will make small feathers fall near him, (kinda like Raiden's level 2 Smiley Surprised: ) and stun the characters that fall or walk into them. all these moves are the same mid-air. The level 3 ends by Max getting up, brushing his knee's off and puting his cap back on.


(Costs 614 AP)


What he looks like



Now to Max's main attacks.


Smiley Frustrated: neutral, will be Max's main 3 combos, the, one, two, three. (essentially the hammer combo.) in game he will show a animation digging through his pouch to pull out randomly either, the hammer or wrench, it is a 50, 50 chance. the wrench will be the full five combo, like his level 1.


(If Hammer and does 3 combo, 30 AP, If wrench, 40 AP.)


Smiley Frustrated: side, will be his lunge with his hammer, he will jump a little lunge forwards and hit the ground. stunning them if a successful hit. a type 1 stun, that mil-sec draw back, for a open  :X: neutral combo.


(10 AP)


Smiley Frustrated: up, will be his kick, its a move only accessible in-game when you grab a enemy and throw him,

thus going up to him and kicking him for extra damage, this will be a sort of charge up attack, and could stun a type 2 stun, (IE, a type 2 stun is Evil Cole's neutral  Smiley Surprised: charged up and used on a enemy.) this move would be used for a opening to switch with Monica, of for a wrench/hammer combo.


(Vere's from, 5-10-15 AP)


Smiley Frustrated: down, now this is MY FAVORITE move, this move will be Max's charge attack, when you hold 

Smiley Frustrated: in-game he will swing his hammer/wrench in a ready position and then spin around, the longer you hold it the longer the spin, this could lead up to combos with more wrench/hammer attacks, or the  :^: attacks.


(Depends on the amount of time you hold it, 10-20-25 AP)


NOTE: all secondary weapon attacks will end with a word "break!" on max or Monica, when max uses his guns too much they will break, and thus you will have to resort to using either other gun attacks or hit them with your wrench or hammer, until the words "level up!" pop up. then you can use the move again.


:^: neutral, this would be his neutral, regular gun, a one shot that does very few AP damage, but will be able to "level up" and gain "gun powder" really quickly.


:^: side, this would be his machine gun type gun, its up to level 5, the developers, to decide on which guns, but this is a long period hold down button. this will be able to follow the person if they jump, like Dante's neutral  :^: 


(3AP per shot)


:^: up , this will be the laser gun, it has a type 1 stun, (yet again, that mil-second stun)

(5 AP per shot)

:^: down, This will be the grenade launcher, which will have a separate issue on its own; it will shoot forward, but this will have the words, "ammo needed" upon Max (the character),  in red letters, and so you'll have to do the same thing and fight till you get the words "got ammo", (in the game you need gun powder, so this fixes some issues with constant “play” of the gun attacks in this game.)


(15 AP per shot, only two shots.)


Note: now this is what REALLY gets me excited!

Smiley Surprised: neutral, picture time! this is when max will pull out his camera and take a picture, and whoever you take picture of, will be stunned, a type 3, now it will be like spikes boxing-glove punch, a long time will be needed to take the picture. If successful, a little light-bulb and name on the bottom of the screen will pop up with the characters name on it, (referencing the idea maker in the game.)

(35 AP gain.)


Smiley Surprised: side, Red Atlamillia. This, personally, was hard to think of, having to add EVERYTHING i can think of about this game, and these stones are the "catcher net" of spike or the "chain swords" of Kratos. IT IS the character. When discussing the modes and planning out the move, we thought about a good hour and few minuets discussing how far, and unfair these stones would be and how we could put them in this game, It came out to this:

(25 AP gain.)

When used, a portal will pop up,being either blue or red. (depending on the characters Atlamillia color) then, When doing so, the character will stand there hold thing button, now, if a character is to be hit by it, or run into it, they will be slowed down by time, for 2 seconds, It will be in the same effect as if you were to be hit by a ice missile. if you don't hit anyone in that 5 seconds that the portal is up, You yourself will be slowed down for 2 secondary.


Smiley Surprised: up, Monica work. This move is a "preparation" type of move, "What?", this move will spawn Monica behind max,max then will dig through his toolkit pouch and give Monica a sword type, and max will say, "here ya go," then she would disappear.(this is also Monica's up  Smiley Surprised: as well, Monica has three sword types, heavy, normal, and light, they all have a different combo count. you will visually see what type of sword max hands out to Monica, so it wont be random.)

(no AP gain)

Smiley Surprised: down, The switch, This will switch Monica and max out, this can be interrupted.

(no AP gain)

R-stick side, Picks up enemy and can throw em, can only throw within a few seconds.

R-stick up, grabs the enemy and Monica Appears before the held enemy and cuts them, draining a lot of AP.

R-stick down, does a back flip and forward lunge attack.


Now Monica's turn.


Level1.Monster transformation! Monica's side ability is to transform into monsters with monster coins. Her level one will look like Sack-boy's in a sort of way. (sack boy transforms as the very few characters when he uses his level one.) this attack will have the same attack and radius as Max's with Cedric. but when Monica transforms, the monsters she use will always be different.

(costs 215 AP)

here is a picture of a few you can transform into.


Level2."Firbits! time for grape juice!" just like Nathan Drake and his pro-pain tank, Monica will throw a chalice of grape juice in front of her, when she does so, the Firbits will run towards the direction of both horizontal directions that Monica is standing from. (let me give you a more visual example, lets do training level, small 1, if Monica is standing in front of Nathan drake, and she has level 2 in her AP bar, she uses it, the chalice wont hurt him, but the Firbits will come from her left and right, so if she was on Columbia, and she was on the right top balcony, they would come from that top right , and the bottom left of the map.) the Firbits would consist of a small group from the two sides and would be easy to dodge. (to put it in equivalent to Parappa's level 2 radius of dodging. If he was going just left and right.) they drink the chalice and you can hear them bickering,and trying to fight over it as they disappear.

(Costs  414 AP)

What they look like,



level3. "Gaspard!" Monica See's Gaspard in front of her, the camera pans to his face as he smirks and then dashes towards her, pulls out his sword and cuts her, thus "killing" her, giving the same "game over" message above her as max does, he turns around and See's the other players, and says "your turn too huh?"

and thus you can control him, but this time has two attacks and one mobility. his  Smiley Frustrated: is just a basic 3 hit combo. his  :^: is a dash forward. (like Dante's side  Smiley Surprised: .) and his Smiley Surprised: is a "dash-towards you and cut" move, lets just say its Raiden's, down  Smiley Surprised:, and could be used the same way in mid-air. all attacks are the same in mid-air. He ends by just disappearing, and Monica gets up, shakes her head, and raised her sword.


(Costs 614 AP)


What id like the camera to be faceing like.



Now Monica's main attacks.


Smiley Frustrated: neutral, this is her basic combo, specified to the sword she has right now.

Long sword, 6 attack combo ( gains 20 AP)

Two hander, 3 attack combo ( gains 25 AP)

one hander, 12 attack combo ( gains 15 AP)


Smiley Frustrated: side,is a "jump-frontward-slash", exactly like Max's lunge hit, but this just gets her set up for a neutral combo.

(gains 20 AP)


Smiley Frustrated: up, is a air knock up, she swings her sword up making a spin stun, (ie, when someone uses Raidec's sniper rifle attack, when they get hit, they fly away spinning.) but this is a much faster process of the stun. and cant be hit while in air. this move would be necessary to set up for a  Smiley Frustrated: down attack and could be used to switch swords with max.


(gains 10 AP)


Smiley Frustrated: down, is her charge attack, she charges and can move very slightly when doing so, when released she jumps up in the air and flips and slams her forward into the ground, the harder the charge attempt, the longer the blast radius and AP is. (the slam down part is exactly like spikes, mid-air down  Smiley Frustrated:.)


(Depends on the amount of time you hold it, 10-20-25 AP)


For her secondary attacks.


:^: neutral, this is when she will use her arm bracelet, there is alot more the 4 elements, be we can use the move basic elements. (These moves could be essentially basic to Big Daddy's  Smiley Surprised: moves.) So, this move would be the fire element, if charged all the way, (to tell if charged she'll say, "ready.": and then you'd let got, if fully charged all the way, it will have a easy-to-avoid heat seek to it. If you get a hit, you get that element added to her sword. and can her swords can only hold up to 3 element powers. These elements should be able to increase your ap gain for one attack, and only remains for one attack.


(gains 10 AP, if used as a chain element, all fire is, 45 AP)


:^: side, the earth element, if fully charged, you get the element, and they remain dizzy, a type 3 stun. (equivalent to spikes fully charged boxing gloves.) essentially this takes the longest to charge, so if successful you get two elements for your sword. (if you get the hit.)


(gains 30 AP, if used in chain, all earth, its, 50 AP)


:^: up, electric, this move is similar to Radec's, side  Smiley Surprised: stun grenade, (not sure if it's a grenade.) it will do a type 1 stun. it can't be charged, but will remain in air. if successful, you gain the element, and can stun people if you hit them with your sword, but will not gain the AP boost.


(Gains 15 AP)


:^: down, Cyclone, this is another automatic, heat-seeker, type of element charge. If fully charged, and hit. you get the element. When hit by it, it doesn't effect you.


Gains 10 AP, If used in chain, all cyclone, its 25 AP)


Smiley Surprised: neutral, "Graaa,1,(hear the Firbits say "huh"?)aaaa,(more "huh?"s)2,aaape juice!(you hear, "Oh wow!")3." This is equivalent to spikes monkey radar, they will come our of Monica's direction and run forward, the first "huh?" will be just one, running forward, knocking anyone down. and the scratches his head and disappears the second would be, three of them running about 4 footsteps ahead of you and then, they see nothing and get mad and jump up and down angry-like and disappear. Then about 6 of them come out and they run the same distance spikes red monkey would go far off to, and the throw their hats down and disappear.


1st. 15 AP

2nd.20 AP

3rd.30 AP


Smiley Surprised: side, The Blue Atlamillia. When used, a portal will pop up,being either blue or red. (depending on the characters atlamillia color) then, When doing so, the character will stand there hold thing button, now, if a character is to be hit by it, or run into it, they will be Hasted up by time, for 3.5 seconds, This affect will make your controls incoherent to what your pushing.(meaning if, you press  Smiley Frustrated: , it will do a different button.) If you don't hit anyone in that 5 seconds that the portal is up, You yourself will be hasted up for 3.5 seconds.,


(gains 25 AP)


Smiley Surprised: up, "Max!", this calls on max and he reaches into his pouch and pulls out a sword and hands it to her, saying, "here ya go." and then disappears.

(no gain in AP)

Smiley Surprised: down,Switch characters, this allows you to switch to max. if hit during the transition, you will be interrupted. and it will be unsuccessful.

(No Gain in AP)

R-stick side, Picks up enemy and can throw em, can only throw within a few seconds.

R-stick up, grabs the enemy and Max Appears before the held enemy and Shoots them, draining a lot of AP.

R-stick down, does a back flip and forward lunge attack.



1.If won by max, he spins his gun in his finger and then flings it into the air and catches, and says “Heh , heh, too easy!” If Monica won, she Spins Her sword around her hands and slices down, and then poses, saying, “looks like we got em' all!”

2.Max spins his wrench and puts it up in the air, a shining light moves around the weapon, Monica says

“that was too easy.”

3.Max shoots at a Froggy from Dark cloud 2 as it jumps around him, Monica is clashing swords with a skeleton.

4.Monica and max are sitting together next to the ride-pod smiling.


1.You see max running along the screen, Monica behind him.

2.max is standing in a regular pose, the looks at the screen and gets in his “battle pose”, saying “lets do this!”

3.Cedric is on the ride-pod, and punches at the screen saying, “lets do this kid!”

4Max and Monica step off of the red Atlamillia gate, walking forward.



1. ( its the same as the first outro)

2.Flatsum jumps out in front of either max or Monica, laughing and giggling then says, “uh, uhhh, where am I?” then disappears.

3.Max pulls out his camera and takes a picture, Monica sets down the aquarium and looks at the fish and drops a fish in it.

4.Max, takes off his hat and bows, Monica, acting all cocky, spins her sword around saying, “thanks for the practice.” (yes, I am taking it off of Raiden.)


Alt, costumes.

Max in his full clown suit, Monica, in her leopard suit


Thats it, thanks for reading this novel of a request.

If any developers come across this, I want to let them know that, I would be touched and seriously would burst into tears of joy, this game is what makes me creative in live, it inspired me to try new games and practically made me want to play this game, I thank you for spike, but please one more nostalgic character, This is my dream. And Level 5, Thank you for the best game in the world.

DATE - 11/16/13 RULED BY SRL.



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