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Re: Mastering the basics- Superbot video

Oct 27, 2012

Wesley37 wrote:

krusher10 wrote:
I love the way this game is turning out even without the popular characters

Oh... you mean 3rd Party Characters. Cause then it wouldn't be "Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale". They already got the popular 1st Party Characters which only that matters. 3rd Party Characters is decided by the other team as well. Meaning, the game is turn out well with the popular characters.


D-Squad3 wrote:

Levi_Skardsen wrote:

I learned some things here. I didn't know you could fall through platforms, play dead or tech in the air. Also didn't know about the Hermes dash.

You didn't know you could fall through a platform? Dang


I wonder what's wrong with that? In the video, it was said "jumping while crouching will let you fall through". If anything, I always go on the platform and crouch just like another game. However, I keep forgetting you can't do that. Instead, I have to jump & crouch through the platform which I never bother to do.
How they did it in that fashion can confuse players like that. Even then, it hasn't affect me a lot since I could always just go left & then attack the opponent from below. That's the point of the video..... and I've seen people in Beta who always go under the platform in the way by going left or right, not by "jumping while crouching".

Well you can actually  just press down and x to go through platforms. No need to jump Smiley Happy

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