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Mage Move Set Sketch

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I was thinking of how people keep touting an RPG rep and thought it'd be fun to flush out some ideas for a mage. Possibly the RPG class least likely to fit into Allstars. Here's what I got. And btw this is Cecilia Adlehyde from Wild Arms/Wild Arms ACF.

Cecilia Adlehyde.JPGATTACKS


Earth - extrudes a bit of ground that knocks enemies back and give a raised platform from which to cast spells more safely.

Ice - Cold wind gives AP, slows enemies and returns projectiles. Does not cause any flinch but will freeze enemies if they stay in it long enough.

Blast - Simple explosion that hurls enemies away

Fire - Fire erupts from the Necronomicon

TRIANGLE (here's where it starts getting fun/OP)

Randomizer - Guide an area of effect to cast a random ailment on enemies. In decreasing likelihood they are: Confusion, Poison, Sleep, Slow, Paralysis, Berserk (2X AP gain but can't block or dodge), Regen. Duration of ailment based on charge time

Valkerie - Sprays all 7 elements from the game. Accuracy based on charge time

Thunder - Creates a cloud that emits lightning at random. Duration based on charge time

Vortex - Creates a tornado that travels back and forth. Duration based on charge time

Chain Lightning - Because it's cool


Regen - Steadily gain AP without hindering your ability to fight as normal. Duration based on charge time.

Haste+Invisibility - Greatly increases speed and turn you invisible (obviously). Duration based on charge time. Spell breaks upon attacking.

Life Guard - If active when killed she will not not explode and respawn. The enemy will still get the kill but she will be unaffected.

Lock State - While active she cannot be affected by status altering attacks or items.



Bomb - Opponent is tossed and explodes away.

Shrink - Shrink opponent and stomp them

Drain - Levitate opponent and suck the AP out of them directly.



Sea Rune - Summon Lucadia who creates a tidal wave behind her and moves forward. Only 1 or 2 characters tall and shrinks as it progresses.

Desire Run - Summon Luceid who blankets the top of the stage in clouds that rain giant swords. Lasts no longer than respawn.

Saint Rune - Summon Ione Paua who instantly kills all three enemies and grants Cecilia all her circle button buffs.



She teleports instead of rolls

Alternate costumes would include her appearance from later in the game.

Temple of Memory would make a good stage.

Golems would make a good stage invasion.

Can turn items into AP instead of using them. This is called Mystic in Wild Arms.


Finally, I  have also done similar move set sketches for Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, Bayonetta, and the Monster Hunter mascot girl. 

Click here to see them.

Let me know what you think!

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