Jan 27 2013
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Losing settings upon ragequit...

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I know it's been mentioned before, but I'm getting quite tired of being booted all the way back to the main menu when the host of a match quits.  If I'm playing Quick Match, I have to set up my game type, character, costume, and color all over again every time.


Why isn't it able to just send you back to the character select screen with all the settings intact?  It almost feels like I'm being punished, like I got kicked from a game or something.

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Re: Losing settings upon ragequit...

Jan 27, 2013

I rather they do something about ragequitting all together. Instead of ending a game with an error code, have the host migration go to the last player in the match rather than ending the entire match. That way you'll at least get your victory and XP and all that.


Giving quitters a -99 score just isn't enough, especially for someone like me who only plays quick matches.

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