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Re: Level 2 special should not be stopped by lvl 1!!

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Dec 10, 2012

FaLLCHiLD wrote:

One of my favorite thing to do to Nariko is when she gets her level 2 and if I am Raiden (been trying to get decen with Evil Cole now since I have a problem when I face him) I would do my level 1 when she does her level 2. I do like how certain supers can kill other level 1's and level 2's.

I did it once when I played Kratos. She used lv.2 and I behind her used lv.1 killed her and I tell you super lv.2 didn't mean it stronger than lv.1 just it just guarantee you get multiple kill and it can counter in combat trial it has challenge use super lv 1 while opponent use lv.2 and not just lv 1 can counter all level can counter. it make game balance.

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