Jan 30 2013
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Lee Everett movelist if added as dlc

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I know what you already think. That this is a dumb idea but I think this could work I mean if people want Ethen Mars in the game why not Lee? Even though he aint playstation exclusive so are 4 chars. Now on with the better part the movelist.


Square= If mashed Lee will hit his foe 3 times before punching their face into the ground (Move can be seen here move gives lee 45AP


Forward square= Lee will do a 360 move with a monkey wrench slapping all foes with metal giving Lee 20 ap. Because how fast it is.

Down sqaure= Lee chucks the enemy on the ground and then caves his foes skull in with his feet. ( Move can Be seen here Caution this is a disturbing scene by the way skip to 00:46) Move gives lee 30AP


Triangle= Lee fires a gun at a foe this move is mashable this move gives lee 30AP

Up and triangle= Lee throws a monkey wrench at a foe this gives Lee 20AP

Forward and triangle= Lee throws a foe on the ground and strangles the foe for a loathsome 30AP

Down and triangle= Lee falls down but kicks the enemy when he is prone move gives him 25AP


Circle=Lee throws a zombie on a foe if player is bit their AP drains and in 3 more seconds the Foe will be fatigued and unable to block great for level 1 confirms.

Up and circle= Clemintine will assist Lee by either shooting the enemy that gives Lee 10AP, Making Lee feel better for 20AP or do both for 30AP

Forward and circle= Lee headbuts the enemy for 20 AP

Down and circle = Lee will fall down but he will bring out a shotgun and blow the enemy away for 20AP



LV1= Larry will try and suckerpunch Lee but only to hit his foe instead.

LV2=Kenny will run over Lee's foes with his RV

LV3= This entire controllable sequence


I like making movesets gets my imagination up and working ( : Plus it is intressting to see the comments to. I will make an Ametarasu moveset Later on but its hard ) : It took me 1 month to come up with Vergills,Weskers and Lee's show some luv press dat Kudo button JUS KIDDING Just have fun reading the moveset.

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Re: Lee Everett movelist if added as dlc

Jan 30, 2013

Change his Level 2 to Kenny drops a salt lick on the opponent. I suggested Lee in August but everyone said no. I think he'd be cool

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Re: Lee Everett movelist if added as dlc

Jan 31, 2013

That comment made me laugh. But I do think Lee would be a great cast to ps all stars

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