Aug 09 2012
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Leaked characters are possibly fake

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See Jin, Kazuya, and Ryu Hayabusa really far in the background?


Leaked charachters are:

Nariko from Heavenly Sword (far left), behind PaRappa
Ratchet (middle, left of Radec), and Clank (left of who appears to Nariko)
Jin from Tekken (second to the right of Big Daddy)
Kazuya from Tekken (left of Ratchet)
Ryu Hyabuza (Ninja Gaiden, far right)



Well Jin, Kazuya, and Ryu Hayabusa are previously seen in another art before this leak in the same stance (the picture above this paragraph), making it obvious that it could be a very good fake photoshop picture. And why would there be more than one Tekken character? We already have  HeiHachi, now we have Jin  and Kazuya also in the game. I would love to see them in the game, but something doesnt sound right. 3 characters from same game in a crossover brawler, does not look likely. Its possibly 1 to 2 characters from same ip, we need variety. 3 characters from Tekken would be TekkenXPlaystation All Stars Battle Royale 

Put Sephiroth in PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale
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