Oct 26 2012
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Lag Creating All kinds of Issues

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If the beta forum still exists, sorry I can't find it.


Yesterday I posted Kratos teleporting around the map everywhere, well things keep getting worse due to lag connections on the PS3.


-It won't let me pick a character. I pick Kratos and for the past 5 matches I've been someone else, whoever it wants me to be. So far I've been Helghast, Pappa Rappa, and Fat Princess without picking to be them....


-Players will disapear, others will freeze. And the teleport problem still somewhat happens, but not nearly as bad as the Kratos issue.


-When killed, the players remain invulnerable for LONG periods of time. They stay white and can hit me, but I can't hit them. Really sucks because this keeps happening when I get level 3's. I get it, kill everyone, and then they stay white till my level 3 expires....


Im assuming its due to poor connections. I've only been kicked due to connection one time though....and I've yet to have a flawless match since the beta went public on PS3. On Vita I'm perfectly fine though.....

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Re: Lag Creating All kinds of Issues

Oct 26, 2012
Yea the lag is annoying. Delayed spawn, players becoming invisible, teleportation, etc. I understand that the servers are under a crazy amount of stress right now, just hoping for ths best in the final game.
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