Oct 25 2012
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LA Beatdown was a blast!

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I know there are a lot of messages here but I just wanted to share what I saw and heard. Smiley Happy


So as far as characters I was able to play as Sackboy, Sir Dan, Evil Cole, Good Cole, Nariko, and Drake. I'll start with sackboy. I only got to play with him once but his AP build was good. I personally couldn't string together many combos but I ended with three kills with him. One level two which I got two kills with and one kill with a level one. He was really fun to play with and I definitely see him being one of my mains. Sir Dan I had the most fun playing as. His animations are really entertaining alone he has a good variety of attacks. I used him twice. First match I lost with three kills second I got 5 with no deaths. I haven't been able to land his level one but his level 2 is pretty effective in more open maps. He's my favoirte at the time. I'm going to bundle the two Coles together. They play very differently, yes but they have similarities. I think these two can definitely be some of the best characters in the game but I was unable to do much with them. Very combo oriented but both of their level twos are very effective. Nariko was my worst character by far. I couldn't do anything with her but I saw plenty of people doing a lot of work with her. She is like Kratos, but in my opinion doesn't gain ap as fast. Drake was really cool actually. He surprised me because I honestly thought I was going to do terrible with him.  He has a good mixture of close quarters combat and mid to long range attacks. He was fun to play as. It was like playing a 2d uncharted with him. I saw just about every character in action and the two best seem to be Raiden and Dante. That's it for characters for now.


There were 14 stages, each of which is really cool. I love them. I'm sure you can find them all on youtube by now but the Killzone Ape Escape mashup and The San Francisco Mashups were so awesome. There were also 5 or 6 "practice stages" I'm assuming these are for people who don't want to deal with the hazards in the mashup levels. 


Now I talked a lot to a few superbots (?)  I got their opinions on characters, played against two of them (they demolished me one as Fat Princess and one as Radec) Also you should know that the guy who played as Radec did not spam his sniper he was very good so a word of advice to those who do spam, you can be better. While I was waiting I believe Paul Gale was talking to them. I had a chance to talk to them after he left and they seemed to be really irritated. I asked one of them, "tired of all the crash questions huh?" He basically told me, look we love these characters as much as all of you guys do, then the girl came along. He continued with we would love for crash to be in the game, we really would. The girl came in and said we did our best but activision was being crazy with their negotiations. I said, look I'm really happy with the game you have made. I think it's awesome and I don't blame Superbot. I'm completely happy with every character. I thanked them and we continued talking about other things not related to characters not in the game. They were great people. I had a good time hanging out with them.


I didn't ask about minions or anything else they haven't talked about but as far as alternate costumes there were two available and you could change the character of each costume. 


In conclusion I love this game. Superbot did such a great job on this. Also don't blame them for the characters they couldn't get. They are just as passionate, if not more, about this game as we are. We'll see about DLC.  I could tell by the disappointment in their voice that they really wish they could have had other characters in by launch but we'll just have to wait and see. Oh and the poster and tshirt are awesome!!! Smiley Happy have a good day you guys

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