Sep 30 2012
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Just think

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really  a lot peope thinks activision will not give crash rights but why?

this is silly

just fighting game dude not a new game or something

also they wanting too.

 its clear  he will be in the game

also cloud too they said rpg and ff has a lot things with PS (ver13 coming ps3 exc also dissidia psp exc series)


its clear

crash+ cloud = final announcement

big boss : overpriced DLC first month

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Re: Just think

Sep 30, 2012

Hm, you might be on to something. Because if we take into account how poorly written your post is, and compare it to how bad Superbot is with revealing information and communicating with us.


We can take your assumption + fluffy details, compile it all together and then just like a light bulb, state something with no proof.


Ya, I think we have Cloud and Crash as well now that I think about it.



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