Feb 06 2013
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Just encountered the glitchiest Stock match in history.

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Not really sure why or how this happened, but it was hilarious.  I was in a FFA Stock match with me (Radec), a Kratos, a Ratchet, and a Raiden.  The Raiden got eliminated quite early on, and the match continued as normal until I managed to lose all my lives as well.


...And then I reappeared again.


Unsure of what was going on, the Ratchet, the Kratos, and I continued fighting even though my life counter said 0.  Eventually I managed to build up a Level 2 and kill them both.  Suddenly, the screen said "Victory!" and I sat there baffled that I'd somehow won.


And then the match went into Overtime.  A STOCK match.


So the three of us reappeared again, and all of our lives were at 0.  We continued fighting until the Ratchet managed to catch us both with a Level 1.  The screen said "Victory!" again... and went into 3x Overtime.


By then, things were getting a bit glitchy; Supers weren't connecting and the characters were starting to teleport more.  And then I somehow managed to build a Level 3, but... it wouldn't go off!  I kept pressing R2 and the Super sound effect played but it wouldn't actually execute.  By that point I was cracking up like the Game Grumps did during the whole Knuckles glitch in Sonic '06.


Finally, Kratos killed one (or both) of us with a Level 2 that I'm not even sure he earned correctly, and the camera zoomed in on just my Radec as Kratos' victory music played.  Finally, it showed the results screen and Kratos won.


This game never fails to impress me in more ways than one. Smiley LOL

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Re: Just encountered the glitchiest Stock match in history.

Feb 6, 2013

Craziest thin I've ever heard, wish you recorded it so people wouldnt think you're lying! Hope this happens to me it sounds halarios!


I think it may have somthing to do with the radec leaving. you said he never came back. so his disconection must have gliched out the mach. Could you tell me what stage it was on, and the settings to se if I can recreate it?

*World's most disappointed facepalm.*

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