Dec 12 2012
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Journey stage/starhawk stage idea

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Im pretty sure people has talked about this in the thread or what ever its called. But what if their was a journey stage mixed in with starhawk. What would ur ideas be.

My idea would be this.

Your in the desert of journey fighting and what not . the platforms would be those cloth thingies after a couple of min you will see the travler(or two) running up the mountains of sand and down. At some point it will start generating ap by doing that musical note. After a Twhile the travler(or two) will hear somthing and run off and hide.Thats when you will see the starhawk part come in. from the left side you will see warhawks and people charging at the opposing team which are the people consumed by the rift energy which are also using warhaks.. When a warhawk is shot down their will be a red indicater telling you ware its going to crash ( hazard one) this process will continue untill they all hear and feel the ground shake. Thats when those weird one eyed dragon things pop up( mainly two if them sense that all you see lol) the people will stop fighting and the W.hawks will go into walking mode to look. That is when those weird dragon thingies will scan the desert; eyes will go red and start attacking making that weird noise that I still cant make out. Realizing whats going on both factions start attacking the dragon things . After a while those things will start attacking you. Dodging is not an option. The up only way of dodging these guys would require you to hide in those rock places ware the travlers hide in the game. If you not in you get hit if your in your safe Smiley Happy. What will happen after the match is over. Is this the people from starhawk beats those things and is in the backround cheering and the travlers( or one) will just sit their and meditate .,

( tell me what you think and sorry if I mispelled ( and I know I prably did) anythingim texting this on my phone anf it keeps cutting me off so I cant see what I misspelled)
im the ultimate defender none shal pa.... WHAT!!!!!! noooooooo

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