Feb 26 2013
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Jarvis move set

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First off not many people know this character. His name is Jarvis and is from a fun downloadable game named PAIN. It's a fun unique exclusive and would be a great addition to the roster. Of there's any questions to his move set just send me a message or comment Smiley Happy please have a look at his game it is fun and I hope you enjoy this. Put a lot of effort into it Smiley Happy

Square= slap (mash= slap,slap wrestler kick
Forward square= jumps and grabs his legs doing a big chest bump
Down square= helicopter head spin
Up square= throws explosive on the ground soaring you through the sky

Triangle= spins around on a giant bowling pin
Forward triangle= throws a spinning mime
Down triangle= belly flops the ground
Up triangle= throws a monkey

Circle= places down an trap explosive
Forward circle= dashes forward on a mini gocart
Down circle= rolls a barrel
Up circle= holds granny in the air hits with her walking stick (hold circle to keep her there continuously whacking

Air down square= throws down a big donut
Air forward circle= dashes downwards in the log ride

Level 1= quickly gets into his slingshot and shoots himself a short distance dragging his face along the ground
Level 2= a massive train comes from nowhere and smashes through what ever is in front including Jarvis
Level 3= rolls around on a big bowling bowl
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Re: Jarvis move set

Feb 26, 2013
Hung Lo FTW.

And I think a PAIN stage would be better. Nice moveset though.
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Re: Jarvis move set

Feb 26, 2013
Thanks man Smiley Happy yeah a stage would be really cool just imagine the possible combinations ha. I'm still going stick with him being a character. He would be easy to get to, not like the characters and how the companies keep them like there there own kids or something.
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Re: Jarvis move set

Feb 26, 2013


Jarvis would be great as a minion too!


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