Feb 05 2013
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Japan sales have not come throught yet?

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I am really annoyed how Sony canned Superbot, i think that's being an A$$ when they have worked so hard on this game.

i hope this is not the same situation as Starhawk?

because my favourite games for 2012 was Starhawk and PSABR



Also what will happen to the patches that superbot was working on?


and is there a reason as to why they gave the game to PSABR.

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Re: Japan sales have not come throught yet?

Feb 5, 2013
They didnt fire anyone lol, the contract was up with SB and they just didnt renew it. Handing it over to Santa Monica is the best thing to happen to PSASBR, the game didnt bomb in sales, it just didnt sell REALLY well. It has sold much better than Starhawk did and will be further supported by Santa Monica as long as Sony tells them to. Im sure that anything that they were working on has been handed over to Santa Monica and will make its way into the game eventually. Santa Monica knows how to make a game look good, which was one of the major complaints people had with PSASBR. add a little bit of that GoW polish and PSASBR will be golden.
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