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Re: Jak and Daxter Guide

Jan 21, 2013

TweetyPurd wrote:
I get you bud Smiley Tongue ive been playing with him since launch (hence me making the guide)

could you please explain what you think is wrong with the guide so i could update it? it would be greatly appreciated Smiley Happy

and youre right about him being mobile, sure he can stay in the air a long time, but supers that aim up get you easy. he has no quick ground move like raiden or big daddy, all he has for mobility is extra jumps

also, what are your thoughts on meing able to shoot while spinning mid air?

Well i don't know what the guide has listed exactly... unless what you posted is what the guide says word for word.


Exactly he has no quick ground movement. The Jetboard is not that good. After using it to run away in certain situations. Its rationally not quick or good for quick movement. Just dodging certain type of attacks.


As for Jak spinning while shooting. That should have been bought into this game along with Jak's High Jump similar to Sly's. Jak's Up + X is emtpy so they should have taken advantage of his high jump from his game series by adding it in. Now back to the spiining and shoot. Dante has it plus it would be a great offensive move for Jak to deal with certain people and there moves. Obviously its OP in the game series but SB has a moto that they nerfed things down to a balanced point. So looking at Jak now I think it would be fair for him to be able to use it 3 times total off a double jump. When knocked high in the air(by Kratos so to say) then he could use it more because he has more air.


Jak should also have his wastelander move. Thats something that could easily be a great tool to use and gather AP good.

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