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Re: Jak & Daxter(The Precursor Legacy) Sandover Village mixed with Hot shot golf...

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Oct 19, 2012

M-Pyre wrote:

we really need jak 4!


Im doing my best to make that happen. What I mostly been doing first though is convincing everybody that Jak isnt Mar and that sequels to Jak 3 cant happen because Jak 3 was the conclusion of the plotline. Jak 4 will have to be a new adventure and enemies and new story. Reboot story wise, not overall wise. Ppl just cant understand that. Also other fans aren't doing there part by supporting anything. Some fans are just sitting there waiting and hoping for Jak 4 to come out. Gotta take action or well never get jak 4. Almost a year ago the new Jak game was being made by ND because Jak was in High demand but ND came across problems.. and switched to TLOU. If fans continue to show their support like before, it should build up ND motivation and pressure them enough to get back on the right track like they said they would, but this time with more work ethic.


Im also working with friends/fans now to remake the Jak & Daxter Trilogy Movie in HD(Remastered) which we already have Smiley Happy


Will be published at the end of this month on youtube Smiley Happy.


Btw thats not all I do. I do way more things Smiley Happy

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