Feb 07 2013
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Well i decided to start playing Sir Dan a little more since I love Medievil and since there isnt any online so far so i thought why not. It was quick match FFA 3 stock on the map San Fransisco  and i was up against a Jak, a Raiden, and a Evil Cole. Well the fight began normal i save up for my level 1 and use it on Jak. Soon i began to realize he was saving for his level 3 so i manage to kill him twice with my level 1 so he was out. At this point Me, Raiden, and Evil Cole have all 3 of are lives well Evil Cole soon gets trapped in a bubble so i use my level 1 and kill him. Soon i manage to take him out again so he was down to 1 life. Then raiden gets level 2 and takes out Evil Cole and as Raiden is using foward circlewhile still using his level 2 i hit him with my level 1 and kill him. Now i still had 3 lives and he had 2 so we start exchanging hits and i use the square, square, up square, up triangle set up and kill him. So now it is 3 lives to 1. I soon started uppercutting him up aginst the left wall and use my super and aim it up and won. I couldn't believe it. When the match results came up and here is what they were.


sorry i forgot their names


Jak: 0 kills and 3 deaths


Sir Dan(me): 8 kills 0 deaths


Raiden: 1 kill and 3 deaths (it was the kill he got on Evil Cole with his level 2)


Evil Cole: 0 kills and 3 deaths


I still couldn't believe it maybe it is because theye aren't many Sir Dans online and they didnt know the best way to attack me or it was all just luck. I dont know but it is was my best Sir Dan match ever and i just had to share it. I am currently level 231 with Sir Dan and im not bad but i am not the best. This is just something i had to share maybe Sir Dan isn't so bad but the big problems i see is That he hits slow and in the Medievil games he can hit really fast and with his slow hitting he doesnt earn a whole lot of ap. But i am starting to play Sir Dan a little more so i am ok but if you have any tips please feel free to leave some and thank you for taking the time to read this it was just an unbelievevable match for me.


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