Oct 27 2012
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It's just a beta

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I feel like this needs to be said people going on about op charecters it's a beta. I'll be the first to admit I have had some complaints about charecters for me it was Kratos forward square getting a bit to much range and his ap gain being fast. I still think he builds ap to fast but have gotten over the combat grapple as I have gotten better at avoiding it. My point is this is a beta with 2 stages and 6 charecters I think everyone is just overthinking these charecters and getting mad at what they don't like. In the game we know there will be 20 charecters and more stages don't know how many they have reveled now did not check and likely more. And this beta I think it has been said is an old build. Overall all of these problems will more than likelly change when there is more charecters and stages to combat the original 6 charecters probably won't seem op is my point, and the stages in the beta might be good for these charecters in the final game there may be some levels that effect them negitivley. In the final game I'm sure people will have some problems but right now I think people are overthinking it as this is a beta with a small part of the whole game in it.

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Re: It's just a beta

Oct 27, 2012

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