Jul 04 2012
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Is there anyone who played PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale at E3?

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I want to hear the experience of somoene who actually got a chance at E3 to play the game, and what do they think about it. If you know videos on YouTube of people who played it at E3 sharing their impression on PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, please post the links below so we can see the overall comment about the game. I personally like the idea of having 3 different supers to kill the opponent, but after playing the game for 1 year I think players will be fed up of using the same old supers over and over again as the only way to score kill. They have to add more styles of killing in my oppinion, because Super Smash Brawl had the percentage mode, along with the FINAL SMASH. I think it will be great if they add the HP bar, or something else.  If you played PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale I have few questions for you to answer.


I know you can pick items up, but can you throw them all in any direction just like Super Smash games? ( For example: I'm done shooting with the RPG, I just throw it at a opponent and it does damage) 

How does the gameplay of the game feel like, is it similar to Super Smash Bros combo fighting and jumping or completely different?

How fun is the game, did you like using supers?

Is the pre - alpha demo at E3 balanced, or was it unbalanced?

What did you like the most about the game?



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