Jan 09 2013
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Invisible Big Daddy glitch and more

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First off, I have really enjoyed playing this game with my friends the past few days. I just bought it this past weekend and since have logged in quite a few hours, the most coming from VS. with friends. Despite this, my experience has deterioated not because of the gameplay but because a few blatant glitches that dissipate playing. For one, I have not even gotten to use Big Daddy because when I try to select him he is invisible and apparently cannot attack or move left or right. He only can jump and I suspect when I do pick him I think it scews with the loading and causes freezing which brings me to my next point. I feel like it's only become relevant with time cause I don't remember the loading times being bad at first but suddenly past few times playing the loading has either frozen or been minutes long at a time usually to where I would just restart. Just to note this copy has been tried on three different PS3s with the problems looming on each.

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