Nov 05 2012
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If this game was canon, how do you think the franchises would turn out afterwards?

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I know this game isn't supposed to be canon but this is just one of those "for fun" threads, I did something like this over at Capcom Unity for UMVC3, just talk about how you think any of the franchises would differ if this was canon.


Of course since we don't know anything story wise seeing as literally the only in game cutscene we've seen was Heihachi and Toro's rival scene and granted we do know most of the rivalries but we haven't seen any end cutscenes or things like that so this is a good time to get creative if anyone plans on posting here especially since


Radec, Good Cole, and Sweet Tooth


are dead in their franchises.


One thing I see happening is that since Raiden is Good Cole's rival, if it were canon first of all the events of PS All-Stars would have to take place right before Infamous 2 ends, after he fights Raiden I could see them becoming allies for a little bit and before Raiden returns back into the world of MGS Cole figures maybe Raiden could use a blast shard for something so he gives him one and Raiden's cybornetic body reacts to it causing it to enhance itself.


I know that probably sounds stupid but hey I'm not a fanfic writer.

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