Jul 30 2012
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If the leaked pic are real/opinion

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so i saw the all the pictures, the characters reveal along the 2 question mark was surprising, i didn't any of them, but ik for a lot of ppl ratchet, sir daniel and sackboy  were pretty exiting, everyone wanted more snake, but im ok with raiden guy... none of them were on my wishlist... but we still cant be sure about this. I always expect large fan based characters.


On Ign page, they said they also found minions, i was also surprise about that and i can't wait on how do they work.


so for the stages, they look amazing, the only thing is that i didn't any HUGE map... maybe because huge maps won't work well on this game. The graphics and design for the map are great.



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Re: If the leaked pic are real/opinion

Jul 30, 2012

A huge map would be good. but these are big enough.


I hope crash get announced with these characters though, or else we will get an angry forum.

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