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Re: If the full All-Stars game leaked...

Oct 13, 2012

ORGAN1ZAT10N_13 wrote:

CutiePatutiee wrote:

Yup, I would.


I would go offline while playing and just beat the campaign and practice with characters, unlock stuff etc..

But you would still have a time stamp on any trophies you got while playing offline. What if someone saw that and decided to narc?

And I know for a fact that even if you change your time/date settings, the PS3 will correct it somehow (I moved my clock ahead while offline to 3:00am to get the Insomniac Museum trophy in one of the R&C games, and when I reconnected to the internet later, the trophy was timestamped at like 2pm, even though the trophy was unlocked while the system was set at 3am)




Make a new account, play it on there.

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