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Re: If Kat and Emmit were in the full game...

Nov 26, 2012

LX_Theo wrote:

MarrowOchi wrote:

Wait, whaddaya mean "Kat and Toro for obvious reasons"? I could see her with one of the Coles.

Kat versus a cat?



That ws my exact thought...I litteraly posted that on another forum & was still hoping that cole & eveil cole wouldve ended up rivals.


Spoiler....If you havent played the story mode yet dont read on...................I love this game, but was only a little disapointed that there wasnt a follow up scene to any of the rival battles.I also wish that they couldve made polygon man aknoledge each character and make fun of them as they are fighting.It also wouldve been smart to have the boss and riival levels unloackable with alt costumes etc...

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