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Re: Ideas for Kevin Butler

Sep 27, 2012

*positions hands in a dramatic fashion* rise from your grave, thread!  People might be annoyed that i dug up this old thread but i figured it was better than creating my own Kevin Butler Thread.


I really do want him the game so badly.  His moveset would consist of office supplies, a playstation move controller that transforms into whatever he needs it to be, and a coffee mug.  here's my idea for his supers:


Level 1 Super

The No-Look Flaming Crossbow Shot


KB would take out a crossbow and shoot BEHIND him.  it would travel a short distance before hitting the ground.  the hardest part to master is that he always shoots it behind himself but if someone is able to master this it would be extremely unpredictable for everyone else


Level 2 Super

The Jet Ski (skip to 1:05)

it was between the golf kart or the jet ski but i thought the jet ski would be more fun.  he'd have on the life vest and would be ramping off everything as he chases down his opponents


Finally, the Level 3 Super

Half Man, Half Horse, Half Motorcycle, All Awesome


Not only could he squash people but the dragon head would be able to spray fire as well.

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