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Idea's for DLC and/or Sequel

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Okay PlayStation All-Stars is a total blast. I am enjoying the game on both my PS3 and Vita thanks to cross buy but there are a few things I would like to say that would bring this title to a whole new level. I am venturing away from who needs nerfs*cough Kratos* versus who needs buff *cough Jak* and focusing on other things. 


As it stands now PlayStation All-Stars do not have that many features. At this very moment I can load up the game and play through the Campaign or play Free For All and 2versus2. Sadly that is as far as it goes in this title.


Game Modes:

This is a party game but I am going to take Mortal Kombat for reference. Mortal Kombat has more game modes then PlayStation All-Stars but All-Stars is the party game. PSAS should add modes like 'King of the Hill', 'Last Star(man) Standing', and most importantly 'Tournament/Battle Royale Mode'. In Battle Royale Mode players can face off against computers/friends to move up in the brackets until they become PlayStations number one All-Star or top mascot. I was truly surprised that the game didn't come with such a tournament mode with this being a standard feature in games like Smash/Dragon Ball Z. It would be cool if it allowed not only friends to play but other players to join in at the start. But why stop there? Games need to begin thinking outside of the box again and bring innovation. Why not throw a side scrolling campaign in the next game? A 4 or 2 player co-op story(like littlebigplanet, scott pilgrim any old scool arcade game) Create nameless enemies that we must destroy as we move to the right of the stages thus creating a action platformwe with big boss battles at the end of each level as well for good measure. Nothing wrong with more content(more focused content that works). 


The Story:

I also want to touch primarily on the story. There is barely any story here. We get one short intro with a voice over on stills and the same goes for the outro. We do get a cool rivarly scene but that is about it. It would have been nice if something was explained with more detail. All these characters are from different universe's and how are they fitting together? What do anything have to deal with the guy they fight at the end?(I know he is but in relation to the story). Referring to Mortal Kombat again. Mortal Kombat featured a full story with cut scenes before and after each fight. This could have been a seperate mode so that players can understand whats going on. It would have been cool if the series developed some kind of story to follow on.  They could have followed the same scenario Playstation Move Heroes used. Somebody brought all these warriors together for some reason unknown. Some attempt would have been nice.


Other Features:
They should add a theater mode like Street Fighter did in its DLC. This way I can rewatch my matches and view all the chaos that occured with the three other people in the room. This can help players see their mistakes and improve as well as watch ohter people play styles online. Maybe go as far as allowing users to rate and only helps with the community and keeps gamers more involved. Take the extra step, allow us to make highlights of our matches so we can watch clips later.


Cross Controller needs to be added to this game as DLC. I thought the game intially included this and I was dissapointed when I found out it didn't. Some people may not see the point since its a cross buy game but when I am playing with all my friends with only 3 controllers in the same room. I want to use my vita as a controller so we can all play togehter on screen not me being insolated in a way. 


Some improvements that should be taken into consideration for the next title. More stat tracking features. I would like that each player had a profile they anyone can view that shows things like kill/deah ration, kills per match, character usage precentage and so on. Also would like if multiplayer games had pre-game lobbies. That way if I want to continue playing with a certain group I can. Also easier playing with friends because most of the time it doesnt show that my friend isnt in my party anymore. I would also like if we were able to vote on maps. In the pre-game lobby we are given a small selection and we get the ability to pick instead of being forced to play on a map. Also another standard feature I was surprised was missing is that Playstation All-Stars doesnt show were you are at in the game on the friendslist. So I am unable to tell if my friend is at the main menu, campaign, combat trails etc. This is a feature that is included in every game and it would be nice to have. 

One thing they should improve on is the interface of the menu's(character selection, main menu etc) The menu's dont look that attractive on the PS3. It works for the vita but viewing it on the big screen isnt exciting as it should be. Even looking at the characters in the character selection looks awkward. They could have allowed us to unlock images for our characters that are displayed, which would have been nice. But that is just me being picky. I would like if we can set our wallpapers so I dont have to be forced with fat princess and a pink layout.  :3 Maybe in the sequel have each character have multiple finishers that players can select before the match to use. 


Character Suggestions:
Everyone has their list and everyone wants Crash and Spyro. That goes without saying but for me I would like more females in the game. Not that I am a female myself but for the female gamer to actually have some choices besides the two female leads in the game. They are already adding Kat from Gravity Rush, which is great news but more should be added. What about BloodRayne? She is fast, her sais is a nice weapon, very agile and I believe their is enough to make her unique from the entire cast. Also Lighting from final fantasy would be a nice addition as well. 



I just want to say that I am not trying to down Playstation All-Stars. I love it so much and will be playing this game for months. The game is good as it is and Superbot did a good job at their first crack at it. Especially knowing that they are newly formed so this is a wonderful outcome. Cant wait for the DLC pack coming soon for free. Dont forget to pick that up guys and gals :3.



So what do you guys and girls think?


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