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Re: Idea's Stages And Mash Ups DLC

Nov 17, 2012
Here's some ideas:

1.Heksville( from Gravity Rush.) Mashed up with Infamous. The stage would be in the area where you do the first side mission in the game( where the officer tells you to collect thee precious gems.). You can see the residents of Heksville watching the fight in the background, cheering. Raven flies around the city, and watches the battle every now and then. Then the mashup happens. The swamp creatures from Infamous 2 show up and cause the crowd of citizens to scatter around in panic. Raven then goes to work, by killing the monsters with her powers. She sometimes becomes a hazard by flinging debris in your direction, and the swamp monsters can occasionally attack you as well. Then Bertrand( the secondary antagonist of Infamous 2) shows up in his giant bug form and Raven fights him in the background. When the fight is about to end, Raven does her finishing strike on Bertrand and he falls over and dies. Raven then watches you for the remainder of the fight, while standing on Bertrands lifeless body.

2. The second to last area in Starhawk( the place where you see that giant enemy ship and there's a bunch of asteroids you can build on...)mashed up with Super Stardust Delta. you see a giant battle happening .Hawks are flying around, soliders are building structures constantly, and the enemy ship is firing lasers. When the mashup happens you see a planet in the distance being assaulted by enemy ship from Starhawk. It fires lasers at asteroids surrounding the area, causing debris to fall on the planet, you then see a lone ship( the ship from Super Stardust Delta.) attempting to protect the planet from the oncoming enemy fire. Meanwhile, the good side from Starhawk starts winning the fight, and they manage to take out the most of the enemies ships. Around the same time the lone ship circling the planet manages to protect it, and you see text appear that says: "Stage Clear!".

3. Graveyard( from Medievil.) Mashed up with Heavy Rain. The stage starts with showing you the Skeleton pointing at the sign at the title screen for Medievil( the one that says new game, options etc.). And then it zooms into the stage itself. You can see the Hilltop Moseleum in the background. The stage, has some enemies from the Graveyard occasionally attacking you. The mashup happens when you hear a voice fromm far away yell: " JAAAASSSOOOONNNN!!!" Ethan Mar's theme starts playing, and Ethan himself appears onscreen. He keeps walking around the graveyard calling out for Jason, looking in graves, walking up to the hilltop Mosoleum's door and knocking on it, asking the enemies if they have seen him, and climbing on the gates to look around. The cops from Heavy Rain show up to arrest Ethan, but not before he attemps to escape. The outcome is different everytime, he sometimes gets away, or sometimes he doesn't. The stage ends either with Ethan getting away, or it ends with him getting dragged off by the cops.

This is what I've thought up so far. Hope you guys like my ideas Smiley Happy.
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