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Re: I think it's official

Nov 7, 2012
This is surprising, a reasonable fan. I agree that Crash isn't relevant in terms of gaming now for the mainstream, it pains me to say that, and characters such as Kratos are far more appealing but the pre-order rate is really bad. It's almost scarily bad, it's currently 24th on the playstation US chart and 47th on the UK PS chart. This doesn't indicate a failure by any means but it is implying that pre-order rates are not as high as expected. This was suppose to be the big hitter for Sony in Q4 and as we creep closer to the release date it isn't progressing as well as it should. If this is down to lack of interest or people being put off by it's similarities to Smash Bros. (Which I feel at this point isn't likely) I would highly doubt this game to branch beyond the one game mark and expect SB to either; disband, work on a new project or try to push for a sequel.
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