Sep 22 2012
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I like blue, but there's too much.

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Anybody else want to send emails to Superbot with me about their choices in color use? I'm almost positive they're using using 1Million colors and 800K of those are different shades of blue. 

My thoughts:

Change the color of AP guages - 1st player (will designate players with P1, P2, etc from now on) can build up a red AP guage with a giant red number next to it that bursts with a red flame when full. P2 doens't need to be changed. P3 can build up a green AP guage with a green number next to it that bursts into green flames when full. P4 follows this with Yellow. 

Not only is it just nice to have some extra colors but in the heat of action when there's 4 Kratos on screen I often loose track of myself or which AP guage is mine. Would be nice to not have to look at it directly but I kinda have to most of the time because if I rely on peripheral vision I can't always remember which blue is mine. The PX indicators are tiny symbols under the blue bars for some reason and that's about it... If my part of the hud was my color then this wouldn't be a problem.

That's my main complaint when it comes to colors. Some other nice changes would be giving different Players different Aura's. When a super is ready you have a blue aura around you no matter who you are. Also, the death animation. Everyone turns blue then goes out in a flash of light. If i'm player 3 perhaps I can turn green, then die?

Btw, you guys have seen the title for Japan, right? So much classier than what the US is getting.

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Re: I like blue, but there's too much.

Sep 22, 2012
I agree with the different color gauges.
The different color auras would be too tacky or whatever.
The death animation is fine as is for all characters.
And I actually hope to see the Japanese title for the American release.
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