Feb 15 2013
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I have an interesting idea for dlc

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While I would LOVE for Abe to be in this game, I will assume for now that the rumor of him being canceled is true. So my dlc idea is that the next two characters will be laarg from escape plan and king of all cosmos! I say these things because of the apparent want of the King from Seth killian, and my own personal want. And the inclusion of lil as a minion make me believe that laarg may be a character in the pipeline. And to boot I think their rivalry would make sense! The magnificent king would mistake laarg as a very fat katamari, and a fight would ensue.

Oh and as a "runner up" dlc idea: if I lived in a perfect world I would love to see a John marston vs revolver ocelot dlc.
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Re: I have an interesting idea for dlc

Feb 15, 2013

For the King,it could be.He is a very requested character!

But Laarg...he is not a minion simply beacuse his body doesn't reflect the minion's one.

He haven't a head,so they thought that Lil would have been a better choice.And it would be pretty sad to have only him

as a playable character, Lil and Laarg are famous to be a pair,so...


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