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Re: How does this get a passing grade?

Feb 18, 2013

Well, debating the expectations of online performance isn't going to solve issues. I've seen a few threads with this same complaint, but I haven't seen any common thread. The fact that the game does work very well for me and many others means the game can work, but for some reason, a few people are experiencing a bug unique to them and the game.


Troubleshooting questions that need to be answered:

1. Is this a home network, campus/college network, public, or something else?

2. PS3 or Vita?

3. Wired or Wireless

4. ISP

5. Make and model of router

6. Test results from and

7. Other devices sharing the same network/internet connection

8. PS3 internet test results (NAT Type, and speeds if available)


Perhaps stating the obvious here, but the issue appears to be with finding opponents, or servers. Sometimes when games do this, they open up a massive number of connections at once. PSASBR might be doing this to quickly do a ping of several potential matches at once, and find the best matches (lowest ping).


Inexpensive home routers might not have the RAM needed to remember all of these open connections, and it will drop some or all, or lock up. 


In other cases, it might be a firewall of some sort that sees the process of searching for clients as suspicious, and may block the activity.


Before you exlaim "BUT OTHER GAMES WORK!!!".... this isn't other games. SB obviously was trying something different to get the best online experience possible with 3 other players over the internet. So instead of trying to be matched to one server or client, this game is trying to match up with 3.


But unless we can find a common thread, and do some serious troubleshooting, we may never know the cause, or find a fix. Which really is up to the people experiencing the problem. We can say well it should be SB (or SSM's now) problem to fix, but that doesn't get you playing online any quicker, because we don't know when or if they'll fix this particular issue.

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Re: How does this get a passing grade?

Feb 18, 2013

nasrulez wrote:
For all the things it did wrong, it did a lot of right too.

Like how each character is well represented from their series. And how they stayed true to the characters.

Like how well the Playstation universe is represented through the stage mash-ups.

Like how they got nearly every one of the characters' original voice actors.

Like how they did something unique and refreshing for the brawler genre.

Things like that.

everyone of your statements DO NOT attribute to this game. The characters are NOT represented well, sir dan is a big one.

there is very little of the playstation universe in this **bleep** game

that is a good point.

this game is the worst, non-unique game ever,, so very very crappy

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Game devs - "we wanted to put in evil Cole so we had to get rid of everyone else the fans wanted"
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Re: How does this get a passing grade?

Feb 18, 2013
^ bad troll
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